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History of Monferrato

Posted by admin on 31 Marzo 2015
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History of Monferrato

The first human settlements in Monferrato dates back to the Paleolithic era as evidenced by the findings of the famous Castelceriolo machined ferns dating back to the Paleolithic period and that represent the first evidence of the presence of human agglomerations throughout Piedmont.

The first people who settled in our area are the ligures which joined the Celts, Gauls and later the Romans.

These made the Monferrato an important part of their empire is expected to beyond the many colonies that were established in the territory, between Alessandria and Valenza there was Forum Fulvii that in the first century of the Empire was a Roman municipality, with an Assembly that elects the magistrates and local taxes and laws and approve a Senate, a little Rome in miniature.

Rome had incorporated the Monferrato in the IX  province of Regio  Liguria, which had Acquae Statielllae (Acqui), Hasta (Asti), Forum Fulvii, Valentia (Valencia), Vardagate, that recent historical studies and archaeological had identified in Casale  its most important centers.

After Roman colonization follows that of the Lombards, the Piedmont as an historic region was  disguised as ethnic unit later. The Lombard rule was ousted by the Franks that changed the sort ducats established by their predecessors with the counties and marquisates while she was establishing a feudal system.

In the 10th century the Monferrato was also routed  by the Hungarians and devastated by the Saracens, but we approach to the appearance  of a prominent figure  in the history of our territory Aleramo, who was the founder of the marquisate of Monferrato as well as the  ancestor.