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Women and true love in countryside

Posted by Gestore on 11 October 2016
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Women and true love in countryside


Women and true love in countryside


Many of us dream of going to live in the countryside and to escape from the city, where once it was the dream of a girl born and raised in the province was going to live in the city, now is exactly the opposite.

It is not difficult for us to understand why: If a time, in fact, employment opportunities and cultural activities were only in town, now, thanks to new means of communication is easier to be connected everywhere, even in the most remote villages of Monferrato, enjoying all the benefits of the campaign. In fact many of the countries that are offering are truly neighbors not only in Casale and Alexandria, but also to the largest cities of North-Eastern Italy: Genoa, Turin and Milan, typically, are at most an hour from these countries.

Quality of life: the aromas and the silence of the countryside are an increasingly important engine for many people who decide to leave the smog and noise of the city. Not surprisingly in recent years has grown much sensitivity toward these issues. The campaign offers countless benefits, which we quote in our articles on life in the countryside.

Organic Foods:

In the countryside it is easier to find organic foods and locally, perhaps right in your garden. Even a limited garden allows the cultivation of excellent aromatics, for example and to cook very tasty dishes for you, your family and your friends!

Struggle with stress:

The green countryside is a powerful anti-stress, being able to run between the hills or take walks, on foot, by bike or on horseback, has a tremendous healing power! Ditto for anti-stress activity of course how to grow a vegetable garden or a small garden!

Also the great thing about these activities is that they allow also to firm up and stay naturally fit!

Children’s health

If you are mom, already sense that the countryside brings huge benefits to children, we talked about it in various articles.

If you’ve finally convinced her to come and live in the countryside in our Monferrato, visit our website and discover all the wonderful real estate offers! Please come in Now!

And let us not forget that the campaign can give excellent opportunities to women, as we told you in our video.



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