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Walking as good as run

Posted by admin on 16 April 2013
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Walking as good as run

Some study  have searched who published in the journal Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology noting that to lower cholesterol, the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, walking is good as they run, the two physical activities give similar benefits, in fact a daily physical activity, short but intense, can yield enormous benefits for the body, particularly the heart. That’s why choose to live in the countryside, surrounded by nature, surrounded by meadows and extensive hiking breathing clean air and why not deciding to lie down to rest in the shade of oak trees or tall Oaks, hearing the chirping of birds and in spring to collect wild herbs like dandelion that brings benefits to the body.

When you wake up every morning by opening the your House you can enjoy a unique view that gives you the strength to face a long day and that those who live in the city can only see it on television.

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