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The Terracotta

Posted by admin on 5 March 2015
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The Terracotta

A floor very nice, warm and natural for our country houses is brick obtained from clay mixed with water and dried in the oven.

If properly treated during installation and during maintenance lasts.

We proceed by laying the tiles with mortar or glue, then, are grouted one at a time to keep the floor area, for skirting boards can be used in the same material. After 20-50 days from laying with mortar, depending on the season,is  made the removal of the cement residue  of the grouting and efflorescence.

If you have used glue, the wait interval is reduced to 5 days. Washing is carried out by skilled personnel using suitable detergents, combined with the use of specific equipment. Also serves when becomes necessary to remove rough treatment from old floors or to remove stains from pollution, any molds, deposits and fat. The finish can be done in two ways: either with multiple coats of oil or beeswax. The first is indicated to darken the tone of the floor, while the wax leaves the color unchanged. You give 3 coats of these products, expecting that the floor is completely dry between one and another.

At least four times a year spread over the floor beeswax diluted with 50% distilled water. After the treatment it crystallizes and can be repeated as often. Always follow the directions of the retailer and contractor.

To avoid stains do not spill on the floor benzine, thinner, ammonia, or products containing the same because they could damage it seriously; If it falls a liquid, having undergone a wet and squeezed  sponge .When it comes to oil, after it is collected with the sponge, use detergent for degreasing. If there are plants serve raised saucers that avoid waterlogging. And for chairs, sofas and other furniture using felt pads.


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