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The bean and the field bean also is loved by the EU and allow you to have funds

Posted by Gestore on 14 March 2016
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The bean   and the  field bean  also is loved by  the EU and allow you to have funds

The bean  and field bean also like the EU and allow you to have funds

For some time the CAP, the EU’s common agricultural policy has changed to sustainability.

Are rewarded with major economic aid, all those actions which go for growth and improvement of land. Among these actions is a very important crop rotation with species which will enhance quality. In particular, the plots exceeding 10 hectares of land is mandatory rotation with at least two crops, while more than 30 hectares is mandatory rotation with three crops.

It is important to identify those useful crops, such as soybeans and rapeseed ameliorative way, in this article we will tell you, though, in particular, of Vicia faba l. major or minor, in a nutshell fava and field beans, a crop typical of our Mediterranean zones.

This is bean, then itself which will enhance quality and suitable to make land ‘ tired ‘ richer in nitrogen and humus. Fava and field beans have a market for both animal and human nutrition, and can also be grown for green manure, other practice “green oriented”, regarded with much favour by the European Union.

It is an annual plant in rapid development, with stems between the 80 and 100 cm, pretty flowers and showy! It prefers heavy soils and clay soils and is a large consumer of water. A few species tolerate the frosts, but generally all withstand up to minus six degrees. Deep ploughing and “tanning” of the seed, to defend it from plant and animal parasites are critical to the success of culture. The absolute best composting is based on phosphorus.

Since the broad bean  and  the field bean resists a  little at cold it is better to resort to sowing, in fact at the end of winter in our Monferrato and in Northern Italy.

The beans are finally a culture that are really loved by the European Union and for the CAP allows you to have funds, but so do we, as is enhancing sustainable and, therefore, can only contribute to the growth of our Monferrato!

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