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Reasons for decision …

Posted by admin on 13 February 2013
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Reasons for decision …

After taking the decision to go to live in the country and open up a business, you have to think about what we really want to devote ourselves, we have to choose whether to take care of the Earth or the animals, or both.

They are mostly young people to open these companies but still must follow all of the steps: choose what you want to produce, have a project to be submitted if you have to ask for a loan in the Bank or to the State, think about the type of production if traditional or organic, choose direct selling bind to some Consortium, match the production even product packaging and much more.

Also if you plan to open a farm, then by the House you build stables and pens, then create a farm just like the past.

Another important point, especially for young people, are the tips that can give the old farmers, who may have studied much less, but have years and years of experience and know the area and their potential better than any book or manual.

Once started the project, a relationship very strong between man and his land or his animals, working in the countryside is very hard, it means waking up early in the morning, forgoing holidays, be prepared for much sacrifice, struggle against the cold, the rain, hailstorms and drought. But in the end, the rewards are immense, you can smell the aroma and taste of what we produce, often with only the help of nature, see the plants growing, the fruits that ripen, or animals that are born.

All this close to your comfortable home so the whole family can help in the works, but always being able to return home quickly, for children’s play help parents in labor but with time it will become a job done with passion and will work for the future, because after years in freedom, life in a factory or an Office seems unthinkable.

Those who live and work in the countryside can be a loner, because there is the saying “unity is strength”, because you have to help each other in times of need, maybe in the days of greater harvest, at the moment of harvest or during a well-deserved vacation.


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