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Pension? How to live in Monferrato!

Posted by Gestore on 2 December 2015
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Pension? How to live in Monferrato!

  1. Are you going to retire? The prospect of gray days passing in front of tv scare you?

None of this, the countryside and the Monferrato are waiting for you!

If you’ve always dreamed of living in green, you should know that in Monferrato you can find wonderful real estate solutions with garden and green area just 50 000 euros!

Vignale, Cereseto, Ozzano , Odalengo are countries where you can find not only a wonderful nature and landscape, but also history, culture and traditions, in addition to a full social life that awaits you. Take a look here at our properties featured on our site.

Several studies show that those who live in the countryside tend to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood, as we have written down in our post on the benefits of country life. Also, depressions and panic attacks are significantly less common in people who live in the Green!

This for several reasons, first and foremost the natural effect being procured from nature, from our hills of Monferrato, which have also recently become a Unesco World Heritage site from changing color of the leaves and of the gardens with the rhythms of nature.

The propensity to live in green is “naturally” written in our DNA, like that to live in small towns where you create greater knowledge and sharing, just as they did in hunter gatherer tribes from which we naturally evolved.

Coming to live in Monferrato you will live safely ,in our countries we know all and you can finally indulge in those wonderful activities, natural source of well-being, that maybe you’ve always dreamed of.

The garden will keep busy from March to December, allowing not only to enjoy great local produce, naturally organic, but also keep your body and mind!

Walks in the Woods and among the hills, to collect maybe mushrooms or other local products are typical tasks of Monferrato. Much of this information you can find in our video tutorial “how to realize your dream of living In the country”. Here you will also find wonderful monuments and places of religious devotion, as the famous shrine of Serralunga di Crea.

In summer, our area is filled with festivals and cultural events, which continue even in autumn, with the truffle fair. Finally, in winter the nearby city of Casale, capital of Monferrato, always offers a full calendar of events, exhibitions and events, like the famous antiques market, held every second weekend of the month.


As we said is not to overlook the lives “of country”: head to the bar, a game with friends are natural cure-all.

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