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Monferrato Delights interview the Agency David Mazzucco

Posted by Gestore on 20 February 2016
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Monferrato Delights interview the Agency David Mazzucco

Monferrato Delights interview the Agency David Mazzucco

We are pleased to have agreed to be interviewed by Monferrato Delights because we have in common the promotion of Monferrato.

The “experts” from Monferrato Delights are committed to taste, feel and try with all senses our territory, made up of wonderful colors, flavors and fragrances, and also to point out all those  who throughout  their work  contribute to make known our beautiful land. On the portal are not simple reviews, but media content and articles, able to convey emotions, as well as reviews on time.

We strongly believe in our area and in the power of young people, many of the volunteers of Monferrato Delights are indeed young people about thirty years, for this we were very happy to release our video interview for their portal.

In the video interview, which you can view both the portal, both on the home page of this site, watch it here, both on our youtube channel watch it here, we talk about the passion for our Monferrato and our daily activity of life coach real estate.

The passion for the land of Monferrato and our desire to promote it beyond our real estate agency Mazzucco David, comes when, returning from a trip in Tuscany we realized once again that our country has nothing to envy to magical places and beautiful, like Tuscany, since then we decided to make our portal casenelverde.eu where we illustrate not only our homes but we also share our experiences , events and history of the Monferrato. A “virtual” place where our readers can find information relevant to their life in the country.

This portal is supported by the site representing the more institutional real estate agency Mazzucco David.

Often our clients and people we know through our agency ask us the classic country houses, maybe in Tuff, with garden and grounds. The homes of our “seniors”, a sign that the Monferrato and the country life are very important as we try to explain in our articles, on the benefits of life in the countryside. In our contributions intersect also issues of health, psychology and overall well being!

Finally, in the interview to the portal Monferrato Delights, we talk about our real estate activities of life coach.

Unlike other approaches by REALTOR “standard” for us before the proposal and sale there is listening to the real needs of the customer.

An approach that sometimes crowds out, but that allows us to present a range of often very suitable homes, so much so that often happen to find the ideal solution after seeing only two or three proposals!

We like this approach, which focuses on communication technology also face to face and not just the web. Very important anyway, which means, even through the social pages, it does get a lot of people.

Thanks, so again in Monferrato Dleights for this interview and for the activities it carries out.

To see the video click here.


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