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Lovers of nature with the Container Gardening

Posted by admin on 17 May 2015
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Lovers of nature with the Container Gardening


There are many people who love gardening but don’t have much space available to them or do not have the time and desire to care for a real garden of several meters, so come to the aid of the “Container Gardening”, in other words is to plant flowers in pots and planters of any shape, size, material and backgrounds that aren’t necessarily the traditional plastic jars or cooked but any container can become a vessel for the plants, cut from plastic bottles to cans of tomatoes from old cups to old hats or still at wooden boxes, many objects can serve as the original vessel and staff for our plants and thus represent a great decorative item, by experimenting with varieties and colors. There remains to  choose  where to place them, whether centrally or on the edge of the wall if at the bottom or on windowsills, we give them a tall order according to the focal point from where they will be seen if facing the taller plants behind and low or high and low around the plants for a more central location and views from more sides.


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