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In Sala Monferrato in the villa of “memories”

Posted by Gestore on 27 January 2016
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In Sala Monferrato in the villa of “memories”

In Sala Monferrato in the villa of “memories”.

Among the many people we met in our business of life coach real estate, many remain in the minds and hearts.

One of them is Sandra Gasparinetti, amazing person and dedicated always to others with a passion for meditation and companion of Nanni Ricordi  for over thirty years, until his death.

We met  her recently  toghether with the journalist Valentina Piacentini, in her  beautiful house  in Sala Monferrato, which recently went on sale and where you can get more information by contacting us or coming to visit us at the Agency. For information click here.

The Villa is located in Sala Monferrato, extraordinary country became a Unesco World Heritage site. To read about the country click here.

Just a few kilometres from Casale Monferrato, near Moncalvo, lies this village, which combines the tranquility of greenery and hills, natural source of well-being, to all amenities: there are buses to nearby cities, pharmacies, many facilities, a restaurant and some small shops!

Also nearby are many cultural events, as well as the antiques market in Casale Monferrato, very dear to Sandra.

Our Monferrato and this delightful country have managed to Captivate both Sandra and also Nanni Ricordi, who decided to spend the last years of his life, though he had a beautiful family villa even in Stresa.

“Lovers of Monferrato, and of this land, where now we had a great time,” says Sandra, who now wants to sell her  house and get one smaller  and discreet, but always in the middle of the country, where it carries out many activities, he cultivated friendships and, in short, is very much at home.

It may seem a slogan from ads, but the villa holds so many memories, “dates back to about 1700 and is only 120 km from the main city of Northern Italy: Milan, Turin and Genoa, close to the sea and the mountains.

Many artists live in the area and used to enliven the evenings of Sandra and Nanni, “the inventor of songwriters”, as he called Ennio Morricone in the book dedicated to him.

Often playing songs  on a  small stage inside the house , then, the gates of the house  were opened to make the people of the country  enjoy those wonderful concerts, as tradition of family Ricordi.

Paolo Conte, Gino Paoli, Ivan Cattaneo, but Gad Lerner and the painter Aldo Mondino were some of the guests who attended the villa.

“As soon as I came into this house, which we then completely renovated while preserving the style, I felt a positive energy, as if I’d always been,” says Sandra.

“Maybe this is the energy of the hills, which helps many people in the country to get to 90 healthy years!” We joke with Sandra, he continues: “this is the place  where the real people help you to  feel good, with hugs, smiles and maybe even a rumor, but still fall far  of indifference that often lives in big cities.”

The same warmth and energy that you can also try as a new owner. For information about villa contact us and visit our website. Casenelverde.eu where you will also find lots of important information on the Monferrato and events.

Thanks again to Sandra for being our friend and for the wonderful interview he has granted us. In Sala Monferrato in the villa of “memories”.

In photos: Sandra with Mara and David Mazzucco and then with Mara and journalist Valentina Piacentini, Member of the order of journalists of Piedmont, who helped collect this interview.


Nelle foto: Sandra con Mara e Davide Mazzucco e poi con Mara e la giornalista Valentina Piacentini, iscritta all’Ordine dei Giornalisti del Piemonte, che ci ha aiutato a raccogliere questa intervista.




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