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How to keep wet the Plants when you go on vacation.

Posted by admin on 9 August 2014
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How to keep wet the Plants when you go on vacation.

When you’re away from home for  necessity or just to take a few days of well-earned rest from daily routine and daily work, arises the problem of who to care for your pet if you can’t take it with you or who will take care of your garden or house plants. In this article I want to talk to you about some simple ways to overcome the problem of lawn in your home whether you have a garden or simple vases in apartment. The methods chosen depend on the number of days that you have to be away from home. The first rule is to leave some containers such as bottles or small buckets full of water near the plants or pots, this is because the water content in esi evaporating helps to create a humid environment. If you have plants inside your House is a good idea to make sure that inside the premises where the plants light filters to not leave them completely in the dark.

In contrast, if you have plants located outside, on the balcony or in your garden, you have to place them in a shady place, to avoid losing too rapidly the liquids for this you must put them close to each other so that they form a humid microclimate. If you think you get away from home for more than 7 days a method not to lack sufficient water can be to ask in the immediate vicinity of the plant a bottle full of water without stopper , then insert a strip of cloth that has a strong ability to absorb liquids and is 8 or 10 centimeters long and still have the required length to allow you to dip his end to a fairly deep into the bottle and the other to bury in the pot to a depth of 2 cm. In this way the water will pass from the bottle to the ground in the vase. You have to keep in mind two things: 1) the bottle must be higher than the pot; 2) you have to soak the strips before putting them into the bottle and into the Earth.

Another method that I suggest is this: 1) take a plastic bottle and practice holes in his cap; 2) fill the water bottle, close it with the cap  and insert it upside down in the ground; 3) practice the holes on the bottom of the bottle. Now the liquid penetrates slowly into the soil making it wet for a sufficient period of time.

For those who have large gardens, it can find on the market of timers, certainly efficient though not cheap.

One last tip is to rely on a trusted person, a neighbor, a relative who provides for you to soak the plants remember to be grateful with a thought when you come back to reward the kindness.

In the next article we will talk about organic food continue to follow us.

(photo: Rosa Del Monferrato)


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