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Having a pet is good for your health

Posted by admin on 13 June 2013
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Having a pet is good for your health

According to some studies have the companionship of an animal is a cure-all for health and protects against disease especially for the heart, in fact anyone who owns a dog and suffer from coronary disorders live longer than those who have not.

Besides having a pet is also important for the mental and physical balance of a person and of a family, helps dissolve your stresses and strains of daily living, provided that necessary conditions at home in order to accommodate.

That’s why there’s nothing better than to be able to welcome into our country house where they can run freely in the garden or rest and refreshing on hot summer days in the shade of a Bush or a plant or make them company walks in long trails, near House surrounded by greenery, which are good for our health, why we recharge after a long day’s work or a long stressful week passed in the greyness of the city and their breathing bad air.

Why wait? We choose now to change his life, to live in a peaceful and healthy for us and for our four legged friend by purchasing a country house in the hills of Monferrato where spaces and nature abound.

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