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Geraniums in winter

Posted by Traduttore on 24 May 2017
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Geraniums in winter

Geraniums in winter

Geraniums how to treat plants in winter. Geranium plants are remarkable for their beauty, also due to the fact that, if properly cared for, they will return to bloom after each winter.

However, some precautions are necessary, useful especially for those who live in the countryside, maybe in our beautiful Monferrato hills and want to show off every year the Geraniums in your own garden. In fact, it is necessary to hospitalize the plants under shelter in mid November, you’re probably regretting not having done yet, but you can rest easy, this year should be not too late, since the weather has been particularly hot and even the Geraniums “forgotten” out often are still alive, run, so repairing them in anticipation of  future frosts!

Prior to admission of plants of geranium, it might be useful to prune them, cutting all the dead branches and disinfecting the scissors with alcohol before and after pruning.

The place where hospitalize plants should be bright, dry and certainly not too hot, go well, wineries, galleries …

Should also spread a fungicide on plants, find it even at the supermarket to ward off fungus and diseases.

Remember that, even if few people know the Geraniums are Succulents, so better irrorali little, if no, every three weeks or so and with water at room temperature.

Geraniums like treat plants in winter, if you will adopt these little things even your plants will overtake winter and can have a splendid bloom each spring.

Geranium plants are beautiful and able to adorn any garden in all their wonderful color gradations. In this regard, we remind you, that the garden needs special precautions must be designed depending on the commitment that you intend to dedicate ourselves.

If your House is only for weekend or if it’s a first home, but you’re already busy, choose a garden not exceeding 1,000 square meters, as we explain in our real estate tools gods life coach. Our tools are free and you can download it now from our website, click here!

Finally, if reading this article you still want to have a beautiful garden and maybe to come and live in the countryside, in the green hills, in Monferrato, recalls that on our site you find interesting proposals from 50 thousand euros. See here all the proposals.

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