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Gardens: the most beautiful Monferrato

Posted by Gestore on 23 September 2016
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 Gardens: the most beautiful Monferrato

One of the most beautiful gardens of Monferrato

The ability to live and grow a beautiful garden is one of the main motivations of those who love the country life and dreams, as in a popular song a few years ago, “to live in the country”.

Our real estate agency is called Casenelverde, because the ability to live in the countryside and the Green is one of the main motivational levers of our customers; and how can we understand them? Waking up in a green, open the hearing the wonderful scents of the countryside and the birds attracts many of us.

As we tell you in our section “country living”, in addition, the benefits of green and of country life are immense for both adults and for children, click here to read the articles!

Country houses: the most beautiful gardens

Here’s a wonderful gallery with some of the homes offered by our agency. Clicking on each photo, see link that sends you to the specific House, so you can get a lot of information about the House and the garden of your dreams!

If you love these gardens and want to create something similar, here are some tips.

  1. The right dimensions: as we explain in our free video course, which you can download at this link: it is critical to evaluate your treatment options, both in terms of time, energy and economic resources. If you’re going to spend too many hours of your time to the garden risks of stress and undermine some of the benefits of the countryside! 1,000 sqm in general are considered a right size for having a garden pleasant and not too difficult to cure.
  2. Think through potted plants both quantity, quality. Choose plants not too difficult to treat and possibly perennial, so you don’t have to buy back each year. If you’re short in time ,limits the plants into a vase cause they require a lot of energy.
  3. Visualize a space for social occasions: decorate with tables, chairs, a barbecue and a bread oven and the pizza so you can enjoy the countryside with your friends and relatives, you will multiply the benefits of green!

Here are some wonderful gardens and also the picture of a beautiful space in Monferrato, an restored house in Ozzano Monferrato .


montem6dimora storica montemagno

prova61 antica dimora 700 solonghello

rustico cereseto


villa-ozzano5-709x467casa risrtutturata ozzano

Casa ristrutturata a Ozzano Monferrato

rusticoodalengogrande14-709x467casa ristrutturata



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