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Fresh eggs every morning

Posted by admin on 2 October 2013
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Fresh eggs every morning

After infected Hollywood VIPs arrives in Italy the trend of chicken in terrace.

Once the balcony Garden “. Today food lovers at Km 0 are not content of fruits, vegetables or herbs.

The last frontier of rapprochement to the campaign is the “chicken”.

The new trend started by the United States, where many Hollywood celebrities, from Jennifer Aniston to Helen Hunt until Elisabeth Hurley, have already taken steps to equip their luxurious dwellings of domestic poultry. The tendency, after France and England, infected is landing even in Italy, where it can happen, in big cities, to see the cute bird that sweeps undisturbed on the terraces.

But is it right to let these cute birds sacrificed on a small balcony even in a city where the air is unbreathable, full of smog, and surely the neighbors complain?

Here’s one of many reasons, if you have this passion, to buy a small country cottage in Monferrato, is easily accessible, just one hour from Milan, one hour from Turin and one hour from Genoa, and there are prices to suit all budgets

Finally you can raise chickens and they in return will give you fresh eggs every morning and may run around with complete freedom in the countryside, are pets, used for thousands of years to live with man and even affectionate, are veritable pets much more sociable than people think.

But, on balance, that should raise a chicken? An egg costs about 50 cents, maintaining an organic chicken costs about 2 euros per week, but in return returns well 4-5 eggs a day, not counting its valuable contribution to the disposal of rubbish, among leaves of salad, bread or leftover lunch or dinner, each specimen consumes well 150 kg. the year of organic waste.

Popular Chicken breeds including nana, the crest white or silkies (known as “hairy hen” for features silky feathers), cuter than common ones, Brown, typical country houses or farms.


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