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Expenses for your first House

Posted by Gestore on 25 May 2016
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Expenses for your first House

Expenses for your first House

Are you searching for your first home? Want to Crown your dream of love and buy a home for your new family, maybe even with the four-legged friend? Don’t miss the opportunity to come and live in Monferrato! The benefits of life between our beautiful hills, natural source of well-being, will be huge for you and your family, children and even pets, as we tell you in our articles on life in the countryside, you’ll get it here in our articles on country living.

Moreover, among the hills, you will find many attractive proposals also only 45 thousand euros, as we tell you in our new page how to buy a house in Monferrato with only 45 thousand euros.

Big houses in which to find space for you and maybe also practice your hobby of gardening costs a lot of content, being close to all amenities in town!

Expenses for your first House.

However we realize that sometimes it is not easy to navigate, including legal fees, mortgage and house searches. Mara and I, then, wrote this article for you, to get an idea of the different types of costs you have to deal with for your first House, bearing in mind the extraordinary opportunity presented to you by the guarantee fund for the first House, which we have already discussed in this article.

Expenses for your first House. So when you buy your first home you have to meet the expenses of the notarial act represented by taxes related to the purchase of the property and those relating to the notary’s fee, if you want to get the loan, you should consider investigating charges that vary from Bank to Bank, the cost of consultancy and the inherent fire insurance and possibly others, then it has to be considered a tax, the Bank withholds and pays the Treasury of approximately 0.25% of the value of the mortgage itself If it’s your first home (or salt) and the notary’s fee tied to the mortgage.

If you rely on a real estate agency for the purchase of the property you need to add the Commission due to the agent who has intermingled in the purchase of your property.

Expenses for your first House. Now you have a lot of information you need to buy your first home, we hope in Monferrato. Come to our agency, or visit our website to stay updated on all our real estate!

To learn more about how to buy the right House in Monferrato, check out our interview with Telechiara TVA, click here.

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