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“ Easter ” cake how to prepare it

Posted by Gestore on 22 March 2016
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“ Easter ” cake  how to prepare it

Easter  Cake

One of the most appreciated  Easter recipes  also in Monferrato is Easter cake “ Pasqualina”. Originally from nearby Liguria, this cake is perfect to celebrate spring, in fact, it is traditionally made with beets and spring herbs, although now there are many versions and someone can put even the artichokes, which at one time were not cheap!

According to tradition, the Pasqualina cake  dates back to 1,400 and is ideal to celebrate Easter with the broken egg in the Center, a symbol of rebirth and the delicious layers of puff pastry, traditionally well 33, as years of Christ!

Today we are content with much less and often use the paste already made that is at the supermarket, nothing wrong! In any case, think of how wonderful you can prepare fresh pies and inviting in the spring and summer with cultured vegetables in your garden. In short, naturally organic foods while enjoying a lunch or even a Easter snack in the garden with a view on our beautiful hills! All this is possible in our Monefrrato,a territory rich in history and culture,if you want to come to live with us ,visit our website to find out many wonderfull estate  proposals ! Our properties in Monferrato.

Here we tell you the recipe for torta Pasqualina: first prepare the pastry will serve four sheets (not 33 as usual!) two to put under and two above, to completely cover the filling. Time’s in a pan with oil and onion, spinach and beets, and then season well, then you can work in a bowl with ricotta cheese and eggs. It is important to the beat with a whip, so as to create a homogeneous mixture!

Add salt, pepper and a bit of Marjoram, if you like, put the two layers of puff pastry and then the mixture into a baking pan. Finally close everything with two more layers of pasta, the excess dough can be used to create high edges around the cake. Brush with beaten egg and track of decorative grooves with the prongs of a fork, these furrows will also serve to “breathe” the cake in the oven. At this point you can inform the cake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 45 minutes.

Once ready, torta Pasqualina must be cool and after can be sliced.

This cake, as all pies, is delicious hot or cold for a snack-aperitif in the garden, as the traditional “snack” on Easter Monday, Easter Monday! Think how wonderful you can relax in the garden, maybe in your new country home, with your friends and your loved ones! To learn more about our wonderful Monferrato and watch all our real estate visit our website.

And good snack and good Easter to all!



photo credit:  via photopin license Creative Commons


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