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Christmas in Monferrato

Posted by Gestore on 9 December 2015
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Christmas in Monferrato     

As in all of Italy, also in Piedmont and Monferrato, Christmas is a very important holiday.

In Julius Caesar’s “De bello gallico”, tells us how the Christian age already here was celebrating winter solstice, which is the period in which the Sun, after a period of “weakness” in the sky, shines again.

Then the plants were decked out with lights and colors, just to attract and give strength to the Sun, according to a custom that remains alive in our modern Christmas trees!

With time and with the advent of Christianity has become increasingly important to the crib and baby Jesus. He is, in fact, not Santa Claus, as in the Nordic tradition, to bring gifts to children among our hills.

According to the custom, on the night of 24 December the whole family goes to midnight mass, leaving times the table laden with sweets and drinks. So if baby Jesus passes from that family you can rest and refresh!

In some countries a time you left the door ajar, for the same reason.

When returned from mass, or 25 morning depending on families, children are allowed to run around the crib or the tree and open presents.

As for the delights of the table, in Monferrato, usually, Christmas is celebrated with lunch on the 25 and isn’t party if there are the agnolotti, some families still made by hand in the evenings before the party.

Every family has its own recipe and its variants, both in preparation, both on how to enjoy them in soup, stew or sauce to three roasts, simple with butter or lean chicken, to really feel the flavor.

As for the  second course , usually serves a roast or stew, often the same with which he prepared the sauce and the filling of the agnolotti, or in some families is preparing a chicken or roasted Guinea fowl, sometimes even two or three.

Everything always preceded by abundant appetizers with Russian salad, veal with tuna sauce,etc.


You want to know the recipes? Mara Mazzucco’s book is coming soon with all our traditional dishes of Monferrato.

The sweet almost all converted to pandoro and panettone, but there are always nuts and tangerines, considered an “exotic” genres time here in Monferrato, and then often only true Christmas gift for young and old!

On one thing all the Piedmont usually agree to accompany Christmas dinner strong flavours and “full-bodied” is there a bottle of good local wine. And for dinner? Who doesn’t remember the past Christmas dinners from grandparents and relatives to get a simple soup, after so much good things?

Finally, among our hills are many demonstrations, parties and live Nativity scenes that are organized around Christmas, until the Epiphany, another important celebration in Monferrato.

Follow our site in section “events” to get as much information about events.

And if reading these few lines I wanted to spend Christmas with us or to come and live in the green of our countryside  please visit the links to our real estate!


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