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Birding in Monferrato.

Posted by Gestore on 11 February 2017
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  • Birding in Monferrato.Few people know that among the many activities you can attend in your spare time in Monferrato is also Birdwatching.


    What’s it all about? Bird watching, perhaps luring them with songs and various decoys. This activity is born in the United States several years ago, but that is proving increasingly successful also in Italy. Thanks to birdwatching, in fact, we can not only observe the birds in the wild, but also be fully immersed in a beautiful natural setting that allows you to enjoy nature and to feel part of  it.

    • Birding in Monferrato. We like to talk about this activity because it is an unusual hobby that you can practice in Monferrato. In addition to “conventional” walks in the hills, flea markets and art exhibitions, the renowned gastronomy, our area offers the possibility of performing extraordinary activities even in contact from nature. Mara and I racconteremeo many of these tasks in future articles. • Despite the best time for bird watching is, without doubt, migration, few know that this hobby can be safely practiced all year.
    • The Monferrato area offers woods and hills, but also wetlands suitable for this hobby, you can observe passerines and some types of raptors. To remember the “Nest” in the Valenzano of the Po River, where they nesting the herons and, if you want to enjoy the nature of Monferrato, the center of interpretation of the landscape of the Po in Frassineto Po.
    • Finally, we also want to remind you that, as often we tell in “country living” of our site –“casenelverde “activities in contact with nature have enormous benefits not only for your body but also for your mood. It’s a natural antidepressant and  it stimulate your immune system!


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