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Artists of Monferrato: Matilda Izzia di Ricaldone

Posted by Gestore on 22 Gennaio 2017
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Artists of Monferrato: Matilda Izzia di Ricaldone

Among the great artists of our country, which in a number of fields were given visibility to the Monferrato, there’s for sure Matilda Izzia di Ricaldone, wife of the historian Aldo di Ricaldone.

She died in 2005 in Moncalvo was born in Casale Monferrato had a way of life that has always been associated with our area and with art. To read other articles about the art of Monferrato and in our territory, click here.

This summer the town of Moncalvo has dedicated  her a major retrospective to emphasize the colors and landscapes that took in our land.

Her  paintings, scattered in private collections across Europe narrows about great ladies and  and landscapes, by some called italian  Matisse and also the famous critic Vittorio Sgarbi has some of her  works.

After  she  graduate art school and later  the Accademia Albertina in Turin, has launched three major artistic periods in its production:

1950-60 study of ancient art techniques, you can breathe in the air the influence of renowned artist of our land Bistolfi.

1960-70 Impressionist and post Impressionist influences

1970.1982 the work veers toward expressionism.

She  also exhibited at the Galleria Fazal in Turin. We can think and hope that in the future our countries want to emphasize this important artist of the territory, which even as an  elderly, in nursing home, narrows the legend in which she  asked, “when can I expose my paintings?”. To learn about exhibitions and events of Monferrato continues to follow in the relevant section of our site: Events

To see the home of Matilda Izzia, click here.


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